Message & Pilates

One to One treatment sessions. Aqua therapy cushion is used for all massage treatments.

Massage treatments and one to one Pilates lessons

Consultation with Pilates introduction or massage requires 75mins

This comprises of completing a pre activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ) discussing your medical history and a posture consultation. An introduction to the Pilates principles, breathing technique, preliminary exercises and or a massage if it is required.

Price £40

Massage and a Pilates lesson requires 75mins for
a treatment exercises and stretching

The lesson comprises of Pilates mat or machine exercises on the reformer, Cadillac or wunda chair. Massage and stretching is incorporated where it is needed to help muscles release either on the machines or the couch.

Price £40

Massage and stretching combined requires 60mins for an effective treatment

This will all take place on the massage couch, initially with two Aqua therapy cushions. The massage will encourage the release of tight muscle areas and improve your range of motion through gentle and targeted stretching. The massage couch is portable and can be taken to your workplace, office or home.

Price £35

Lymphatic drainage, body aquarium, Stop chashing pain technique 30-60mins (Dependant on areas treated)

“The lymphatic system is the clear liquid that surrounds the cells of your body. Except for cartilage, nails, and hair, your entire body is bathed in lymph. You are literally swimming in lymphatic fluid, so its nickname is the Body Aquarium.” Dr. Perry Nickelston With 700 lymph nodes in our entire body, if this fluid doesn’t drain properly your body can become more prone to chronic illness and pain. This treatment will assess the lymph nodes and provide drainage to these areas located in the scalp, face, neck, chest, arms, stomach, groin, knees and ankles. It is a light touch on the skin to help the nodes to drain and work effectively alongside the cardiovascular system.

30 mins  - Price £17.50

1 hour  - Price £35


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Aqua therapy cushion is used for all massage treatments. Pilates lessons use the cushion on the majority of the exercises unless it restricts movement or is not requested.